The 2021-2022 theme is "More Than You Know."

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In The Know

Counselor Application
We have updated our counselor application to the form below. Whether it's your 1st or 50th year, please fill out app.

Covid-19 Guidelines

Quaker Haven is partnering with local and state health departments to minimize campers' risk to covid-19 exposure. 

Below is a list of guidelines we will be following.

Scholarships Available

We never want finances to hinder the opportunity to encounter Christ at Quaker Haven. To apply for funds, fill out one form below. If you are affiliated with Western Yearly Meeting, please use their form. 



Since 1951, Quaker Haven Campers have stayed in the same 12 rustic cabins: 6 for girls, 6 for boys. These cabins have been home to countless lives changed and memories made. Each Cabin has 6 bunk beds and electricity. There is are 2 Bath Houses located near the cabins that are always open for campers to shower and to use the restroom.  


The reason we have kept the simplicity of our traditions is to enable campers to step away from the outside world and focus on the only thing in front of them, Christ.




Early Bird Pricing ends May 31st for all Summer Camps.

2022 Camp Dates

WINTER SNEAK Ages 11-18 Grades 7-12

   February 4-6, 2022  ($120)

Registration starts at 7 pm and Pickup is after lunch on Sunday. Winter Sneak is another opportunity for Jr. High and Sr. High campers to enjoy a weekend at camp.  It is from Friday night to Sunday afternoon.  This weekend's focus is Worship.

YOUNG ADULT RETREAT Ages Graduated Senior-25

   March 25-27, 2022 ($50)

Missing your camp friends since you graduated? Hungry for camp food? Join your friends for food, fellowship, camp games, open worship, and "How-to Adult" sessions with QHC staff.

YOUNG ADULT CAMP Ages 18-30-ish

   June 3-5, 2022 ($70 - Early Bird; $120 after)

Young adult camp is an opportunity to get together with other campers who may have recently "graduated out" of our camping program. Come fellowship, play camp games, eat camp food, and enjoy a weekend at Quaker Haven Camp.

Senior High Camp 1 

Ages 14-18 Grades 9 - Graduated Senior

    June 5-10, 2022

    ($320 - Early Bird; $370 after)

Registration starts on Sunday at 3 pm and Pickup is at 1 pm on Friday.

 JUNIOR HIGH CAMP Ages 12-14 Grades 7-8

    June 12-17, 2022 ($320 - Early Bird; $370 after)

Registration starts on Sunday at 3 pm and Pickup is at 1 pm on Friday.

BEGINNERS CAMP Ages 5-7 Grades K-2

   June 17-19, 2022 ($180 - Early Bird; $230 after)

This is our introduction to camp. Kids are accompanied by a parent or guardian for the weekend. Registration starts at 5:30 pm with the first chapel starting at 7 pm. This camp ends after lunch on Sunday.

ADVENTURE CAMP Ages 10-12 Grades 5-7

   June 19-24, 2022 ($320 - Early Bird; $370 after) 

Registration starts on Sunday at 3 pm and Pickup is at noon on Friday.


Senior High Camp 2

Ages 14-18 Grades 9 - Graduated Senior

    June 26-July 1, 2022

    ($320 - Early Bird; $370 after)

Registration starts on Sunday at 3 pm and Pickup is at 1 pm on Friday.



LITTLE FRIENDS CAMP Ages 7-9 Grades 2-4

   July 10-13, 2022 ($220 - Early Bird; $270 after)

Registration starts on Sunday at 3 pm and Pickup is 1 pm on Wednesday.





PIONEER CAMP Ages 8-10 Grades 3-5

    July 17-21, 2022

We added this camp in 2022 to give more date and age range options. Registration starts on Sunday at 3 pm and Pickup at 1 pm on Thursday.




FALL IMPACT Ages 11-18 Grades 7-12

   November 4-6, 2022  ($100)

Registration starts at 7 pm and Pickup is after lunch on Sunday. Fall impact is for Jr. High and High School students.  It is a weekend camp that starts on Friday night and ends on Sunday afternoon.  The weekend's focus is Service and giving back.


It's really about relationships.  We long to be in relationships.  We long for a relationship with Jesus.  We long for relationships with family and friends.  We need to belong.  We need to be accepted.  We were created with these needs.  It's just in us. Think about the world our kids are growing up in.  Electronic 'relationships' are a dominant factor in the lives of kids.  They talk to friends over texts, over social media, and there is some matter of interaction, but these are not real relationships.  And that is showing up in a research done by a renowned Youth Worker author and speaker, Mark Oestriecher.  He says this in an article he wrote for Youthwork Magazine, "A primary issue (for) today's frenzied teenagers is isolation."  In a time in their lives when relationship is most needed, they aren't getting it.


Enter the 'camp' setting.  This is a place where the devices are placed aside (for the most part), relationships are fostered, and there is significant space given to allow God to speak.  What I have noticed over the years is like a downpour of life-giving rain in the driest of deserts.  Kids come with their open wounds from feelings of isolation, insignificance, self-doubt and insecurity, and the Living Water of Christ's sweet Spirit washes over them, and they respond.   Adults are able to speak into them words from the lips of the Holy Spirit, and the hunger the students have had for those words gets some satisfaction.  And, it is total immersion in this environment for an entire week.  It's not just one or two hours in the week, and they go home, but it's an entire week of living in this space, soaking in the downpour. This is why camp still works.  Kids still have the needs, and God keeps meeting those needs.


Our Mission every year is to help provide a space for this to happen.



We have online registration!  We are running everything through an organization called CampDoc.  They are a well known and trusted organization in the Camping world.  We are excited to partner with CampDoc because all registrations and medical information will be safely put together in one, trusted place that will carry over year after year!
Click here for More Registration information!


Ross Smedley_edited.jpg

Ross Smedley
IYM Director of Youth and Camping Miinistries


Chris Harris
WYM Associate Superintendent


Alida Jackson, Isaac Taylor, & Chaney Byers


Andrew Tuttle

Cortez Family.jpg

Amy Cortez
Co-Director of Little

Friends Camp

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Andrew Morrical
Director of
Adventure Camp

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Lauren Reynolds
Co-Director of Little

Friends Camp

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Amy Dennis
Co-Director of Pioneer Camp

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Kevin Lipsey
Co-Director Pioneer Camp & QHC Guests Services Director 

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Elyssa DeAngulo
Co-Director of

Beginner's Camp


Hannah Dennis
Co-Director of

Beginner's Camp


Brandon Dennis
Executive Director
of QHC

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Are there scholarships available?

Yes! Scholarships are available for those in need of financial assistance.  Contact your church and/or your Yearly Meeting Office for applications. You can also contact the QHC Office.





What about registration and pick-up?

Check-in for Jr. Hi, Sr. Hi 1, Sr. Hi 2, Adventure and Little Friends Camp will begin at 3pm in Friendship Lodge (enter through the side door near the softball field).  Campers will be released and must be picked up by 1pm on the final day of camp. 

Check-in for Beginner’s Camp will begin at 5pm on the porch of the Chapel and programming will be completed the following Sunday after lunch.

Check-in for "Live Your Life" Young Adult Camp will begin at 7pm and programming will be completed the following Sunday after lunch.

What if I need Special Arrangements for my camper?
Once registered and on-site, campers may not leave camp for any reason unless there is an emergency or arrangements have been made with the IYM Assistant Superintendent or WYM CE Director prior to the beginning of camp.  Campers who drive to camp may not use their vehicles for any reason during the camp week.



What should I bring to summer camp?

  • A Bible & Pen

  • Weather appropriate clothing, Sports clothing

  • Bug Repellant, Sun Screen

  • Jacket or Sweatshirt (it can get cool near the lake)

  • Rain gear

  • 2 pairs of shoes

  • Swimsuit, Towels (bath & beach)

  • Washcloth, Soap, Toothpaste, Toothbrush

  • Pillow, Sleeping Bag, Bed Roll, or Sheets & Blanket.

  • We also suggest: Beach shoes, Camera, a small amount of spending money for crafts and/or canteen.

  • It is also a good idea to have at least 2 sets of clothing that campers can get messy in for some of the games we may play.

  • The camp picture and camp video links are included in the registration cost.


What should I NOT bring to camp?

  • Radios, CD/MP3 players, any type of expensive electronic items

  • We understand that students use cell phones for purposes other than just talking on the phone, but they can become very disruptive to our program.

  • One of the goals of the camping program at Quaker Haven is to give young people a break from their usual element in order for them to hear from the Holy Spirit. We ask that if students have phones, we do not see them through the course of our programming.

  • We reserve the right to confiscate them, and mail them home if they become a problem. Keep in mind that we cannot be responsible for any lost, stolen broken items.

How can I keep updated with what is happening at QHC?

Follow Andrew Heald, Aaron Thornburg, and Scott Miller on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

Also check out:,, and




Address: 111 EMS D16C Lane - Syracuse, IN 46567

Tel:  (574) 834-4193



From the North: Go south on SR 13 out of Syracuse to CR 1000 N and turn right (west). Go to CR 500 E and turn right (south). Follow CR 500 to the stone pillar entrance to QHC (CR 900 N) and turn right. Follow the signs to the camp office.



From the South: Go north on SR 13 out of North Webster to Syr-Web Rd (on the left) and turn left. Go to CR 800 N and turn left (west). Go to the 4-way stop at CR 500 E and turn right (north). Follow CR 500 to the stone pillar entrance to QHC (CR 900 N) and turn left. Follow the signs to the camp office. 

For any other questions please fill in the following contact form:

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